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Get 100s of Subscribers In Few Hours Time By List Swaps

list swaps

Today I would like to speak about the traffic strategy which in my opinion is the fastest way to build your list in small amount of time.

It is called list blast or ad swap. Many people also use the term list swap also called joint venture for this strategy.  It can give you 100s of new subscribers in few hours.

 However, it is essential to have your list already with you if you want to add new subscribers by employing this strategy.

 joint ventureSo if you are just a beginner, or you don’t have your list yet, you will have to wait until you have at least 300-400 subscribers to your list then you can do list swaps with others.

 And this means chances are, it’s a matter of few weeks wait only when you will have 300-400 subscribers in your list, if you implement other traffic strategies to get your few hundred subscribers first.

 ad swap

The process is very easy and simple. But it can give positive results only when done correctly.You need to find a person who has a list in your own niche.

 There are many ways you can find such person. You can search in search engine in your niche area where SERP’s can give you tons of blogs.

 ads swapsNow you can sign up few of those blogs lists and analyze their quality of list by yourself as a subscriber. One way to see is the quality of giveaway they offer.

 However, before moving forward, you must be clear in your mind about his quality of offer, and the person himself.

 If you are comfortable with that guy and if you are convinced with the quality or value  he offers then next step is to contact that blog owner by contact form  or email  and leave him a message about your intention for list swaps, if he may be interested.

 sell soloRemember again don’t ever do a list swap for the sake of list swap. Your first priority must be to ensure that the swap will not affect your list badly in any manner.

 As being your list owner you need to take care of your list first on top priority.

 Your bad judgement about that list swap can really damage your list forever.

 list blastNow when you are convinced to go ahead then just tell him you are willing to tell your list about him. And in response you want him to tell his list about you.

There may be people who are shy to contact others for this purpose. Also there may be instances when the person you contacted has no clue about the ad swaps.

You can also use your relationship made in forums with others. Those guys may be more suitable for your ad swaps as you already know them for a while now.

 You can ask one of them, would he consider sending email to his list about your site and you will do the same.

 solo ads

There is one thing more, never do list swaps frequently as you don’t want your list sign up to others  frequently as being list owner you must look after your list in the first place.





Website URL :


Company name: AWeber  


Truth You Need To Know About Email Marketing


Email marketing provides the solid foundation in internet marketing for long term success. The strategy does not solely rely on SERPs or paid marketing only.

You need to write your e-mails sequence once only, then whenever someone signs up those messages are automatically sent to subscribers with the requested interval.

Emails are checked more than 6 times a day by 72% of mobile users.

Today Email accounts are 3 times as big as Facebook and Twitter

combined.59% of marketers confess email marketing to be the most effective marketing channel in order to convert.

Shopping consumers spend 83% more money as a result of Email marketing. For every dollar spent ROI on email marketing is $44.25


AWeber Overview


AWeber is the top most e-mail auto responder service for acting as a subscriber magnet.

With AWeber serving the industry since mid1990’s, it has built a great reputation among internet marketers with its remarkable service and product features.

 The product is proved to be very easy to understand and anybody is able to start with it right away.


What is AWeber?

AWeber  is a subscription based service which enables internet marketers to do marketing on 100% autopilot by means of  e-mail auto-responder service.

One can create as many opt in forms by means of browser-based interface.

After the prospects subscribe to marketer, the AWeber service enables the marketer to communicate with his subscriber by already set up messages on auto pilot.   

Advantages of AWeber

I’ve been using AWeber for 2 years and up til now I have nothing but good reports to speak about them.

With an affordable service for up to 500 subscribers it is available at monthly subsciption of $19. 

The 1$ trial offer is the cheapest and the service is almost guaranteed to pay for itself.


It provides you a service where you can create an unlimited number of auto-responders.

The 30-day trial allows you to get a jump on your list building campaign, but if you already have a large list, you can migrate it over quite easily.

AWeber also hosts lot of videos, webinars on email marketing, telling every thing about the service.There is a blog that also provide lot of ideas about how to build your list.

    • The length of message is unlimited with a HTML platform
    • You can send unlimited broadcast messages
    • You can create optin forms by using customizable fields
    • There are lots of options to create different types of opt in forms
    • Undeliverable e-mail addresses are handled automatically
    • You can create unlimited campaigns
    • Get the 100% success to email marketing with easy and nice email templates and subscribe list templates.
    • You can customize all of the e-mails by showing your logo on messages you send.
    • You can easily track the clicks from the links present in e-mail messages
    • One can also “trial and error” with his e-mails by sending only to some people to see if what works for him or not. So you can send emails out to specific segments of your subscribers.
      You can perform split-test emails to see if certain subject lines, or email content produces better results.
    • You will get full integration of CAN-SPAM compliance.
    • All optin forms can be modified to match your blog or site.
    • AWeber offers in depth analytics. Every opened email, activity or clickthrough can be tracked easily to improve conversions.

Following is the price schedule for using this service:

  • 0 – 500 – Included with your Account Plan
  • 501 – 2,500 – $10.00
  • 2,501 – 5,000 – $30.00
  • 5,001 – 10,000 – $50.00
  • 10,001 – 25,000 – $130.00
  • 25,000+ – Contact Aweber

Things I don’t like About AWeber

I sometimes see AWeber bit slow for my pace. After I send out a test mail,  I often have to wait for many minutes before the mail arrives.

Same is the case with joining a list. When a subscriber joins to get a giveaway, they wish to receive it immediately, and not few minutes later, which may happen in few cases.

If you are living outside the US, and want to schedule a mail for a later time then you can not see local times but only US  time and date only.

You are able to send out your message to your Twitter account, while sending out an email.

However, there is a hitch, if one email goes to one account, and another to another account, you cannot set it up as the last account entered is valid always.

Why should I Use AWeber?

You can’t do better with any other marketing channel if you build your list and capture email addresses of 20%-40% of visitors subscribing to your list using AWeber which ranks highest for deliverable rates. Infact they have a 99.34% delivery rate.

You can manage all of your websites from one single account, even if the websites are all different. That is a sure time saver and also a huge savings as you don’t need to have different accounts for each website.

Yes, there are many competitors of AWeber for providing email marketing services but the value it provides for a small monthly fee is unbeatable even for a newcomer.

Moreover, their unlimited technical support for 24 hours a day and chat support is amazing. The user of this service does not have to worry about compliance with the CAN-SPAM act due to its full integration.  

Email marketing is the best method recognised to make money online.
I can honestly say that what AWeber promises is exactly what it delivers.

 Click below to know more about AWeber.



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Can You Have More Sales, Too?

Helping over 120,000+ businesses like yours raise profits and build customer relationships using AWeber’s opt-in email marketing software for over 10 years.

Take a Free Test Drive today!

Take A Free Test Drive Today!

Drive Targeted Traffic By H.A.R.0


It is a very unique strategy to attract targeted audience again.  So what is this service about?

It’s a great service for people who may be generalist, or reporter or writer and seeking information on a particular topic and for the “Sources” people who are willing to provide required information to the Reporters.

 So basically it connects people for the above purpose.   The central concept of H.AR.O is great which says that anybody has an area of expertise which he can share with others.  

So if somebody has specialized information it can be useful to other people who are seeking such information already.

 So HARO serves as a middle man, to connect two people. It starts with somebody looking for some information.

He may be a reporter, writer, or generalist, who is writing something and he may be looking for any piece of information which is fresh content.

Let us see if Mr A wants information about Malaysian food recipes. What he will do he will send his request to HARO, that he is looking for a person who can tell him about his topic he requested.

Upon receiving such request from Reporter, HARO, send emails to its subscribed list and when people in the list receive such request, they contact directly to the Reporter by email.

Every day HARO sends out 3 emails to his list while each email contains about 20 press enquiries on a variety of topics. .

So this is all that simple. First thing you need to do is to sign up at HARO to become part of their list. You can do that at

When you reach at the site you need to sign up as a “Source” who offers his services to share information with Reporter. So when you get to their page, click on sign up on “Sources” by filling up your account details.

When you scroll down to the main account page, look for “HARO PREFERENCES” area, which will allow you to choose certain categories with in HARO.

You can tick the niches of your choice. Then you will start receiving HARO request in that category. That’s it.

You should keep an eye on 3 emails daily sent to you by HARO and carefully select any email which attracts your interest with high relevancy to your topic then you can directly contact Reporter by email.

Tips To Use HARO

You must read the request carefully it will prevent you to waste time of reporter as well as yours. It’s obvious Reporter will only respond to the emails look most relevant to him.

Your prompt response time matters. Any delay might not give you desired result.

As Reporter might already have got response from somewhere else and no longer interested to reply delayed response.

Provide a handful piece of valuable information to convince Reporter to respond to you.

Never waste your time in replying all requests as many may not be  that relevant.

Always ensure to include your contact information

Don’t be hyper active.









Let Others Drive Tons Of Web Traffic For You

web traffic

Many readers ask me, “Tell me the best way to attract traffic to my blog”. “ I say to them you can use hundred techniques in hundred days.There is one unique and rarely discussed technique I wish to write about today to boost  your site traffic.list building

You must have noticed most digital product sellers offer 50% or more affiliate commissions. I ask you to create a digital product in a price range of  $7 or close and simply offer 100% affiliate commissions to your affiliates who promote that product.

No, I am not out of my mind. Believe me this works great for you if you understand that all you need is to build your list when your product affiliates send prospects to your site and let the commission part goes to your affiliates, who do all the hard work for you to send targeted traffic to your site.

All you need is to capture their email addresses and prepare a series of auto responders for that list to promote as many products you wish to.

Here are few things you must be careful about:

1.      You choose the right market where people are willing to buy.

2.    Your Sales Page must be capable of converting prospects to customers, to keep the affiliates stick to promote that.

3.    Your affiliate program must include few tools to help affiliates to promote effectively by investing in less amount of time. Your payments must be in short intervals to keep affiliates moving and engaged.

        4.   6749174-subscribe-realistic-button The customers must subscribe to your list where you are waiting for them with lots of your auto responder promotions ready for them over a period of time.

        5.     Offer your customers to become your affiliate to earn 100% affiliate commissions on your download page. Instead you can promote another product too on the download page if you wish to. This may result an immediate sale on back-end.

Remember, your affiliates earn 100% commissions, and you keep the customers in your list for future promotions of many products. This makes it a win win situation for every body.

How Blogging For Beginners Can Be Stress Free


Blogging Tips

If you wish to get success with your online blogging be ready to adapt to changes whenever they may occur.

bloggingDo you know a bug and dinosaur both existed in prehistoric era? The dinosaur couldn’t make this age today despite being the heavy weights but bug survived so it’s evident that being strongest is not essential for survival but ability to adapt changes matters for your survival.

Blogging For Beginners

Unless you don’t learn to be a smart blogger your hard work hardly matters to give you results.

When it comes to blog marketing, so many bloggers don’t understand that marketing is not all about working hard; it’s about working smart also. I know so – but ask your questions in the comment box.

Who is stopping you to take full advantage of tools when you can find so many even free.

Make Money Blogging

blogStarting a blog and thinking to earn in few months or years is an approach of a loser. There is no written rule as such. Smart bloggers can start earning even right in their first months.

Few bloggers even managed to build their loyal audience in 5 figures within few months. So it’s definitely possible by all means.

Is there any secret to stress-free blogging?

Get ready for a surprise answer. Stress free blogging starts with a clear set of goals and focusing on as many tools you can work with to act smartly.

Your motivation must originate from visualizing the joy of achieving your goals and not from the pain you suffer during your own journey of blogging.

So, if you are stressed blogger, then what is the missing element of this puzzle for you?

Start thinking like an infopreneur and not entrepreneur. Once you realize you are in content business and you get what you offer value in this business.

 So stop wasting time in growing fake Twitter  followers or Facebook fans with a cheap service as if value is not there, you will not get good return obviously.

bloggerYour focus must be acute towards identifying your target audience, and then understanding the problems in that community. Now is the time to offer solutions to them which is a real value you can trade with.

I can tell you the bloggers who are earning above $5000 from their blogs have successfully identified their targeted niche and audience and they are offering exactly the value their audience wants.

One smart idea would be to write blog posts which can be re alive by tweaking and updating and this makes the creation of value with less effort and increased productivity.

The higher you achieve productivity no matter how you do, the lesser you will be stressful.

The winner blogger always act objectively rather than subjectively. So if your focus is to fill your schedule to write blog post ,chances are you won’t achieve anything out of it.

But if your focus is to attract a particular audience by helping him to solve his problem, then the objectivity pays off.

Sometimes you feel stuck and don’t feel getting ideas for your blog posts, then it’s a time you start asking question to your audience what they would like to read in your blog.

You can start checking Quora, Yahoo Answers or forums in your niche what people are talking about. Check few blogs in your own niche , all above measures  will give you fresh air to breather again when you really need that.

So stick to your business which is nothing but offering value by content. Once you do your business stress will ease out by itself.



Drive CrazyTraffic By Online Giveaway


Today I will tell you an amazing traffic generating strategy which can give you 100-200 sign ups on average in only 4-5 days period. It is called online giveaway. Few people also call it JV giveaway.

JV GIVEAWAYI am using this technique regularly since I started back in 2 years’ time. The best part I like about them is it can be setup in few minutes time. Once its setup is complete you don’t have to worry about it further.

I know few newbies who have received 500 signups in 2 months period alone on the basis of this strategy.

What is an online giveaway?

It’s simply an event that takes place online generally for 2 weeks’ time. What you need to do is become a contributor of your free gift in that event. People generally contribute free e-books.

How online giveaway is set up?

 ONLINE GIVEAWAYYou need to first arrange one give away for your contribution in that event. After your giveaway is ready you approach where this JV giveaway will take place.

Before it goes live you signup as contributor and set up your free gift for upcoming JV.

When JV giveaway gets live, the floods of traffic will pour in and when somebody likes your product he will click on the link.

 He will be sent to your squeeze page where he will sign up and become part of your list then you send him download link for your free gift.

This entire process is cost free unless you decide to put your free gift  as featured product on top of page , for which it cost between $17 -$27.

What Works In Creating Back Links Today-2


 back linkBack linking is important but boring and time consuming. For Newbies I would advise you to do first for few weeks to learn the process then it’s a smart idea to outsource the entire SEO LINK BUILDING.

There has been a noise in the past about outsourcing link building in the countries like India and Philippines for $2 or $3 an hour. As I have been involved in testing case studies, I would say that it is no more advisable provided you also verify by seeing indexing results by yourself

I have also tested great service like Fiverr ( for getting back links to few of my test blogs. I would like to warn you first. It’s a great site for so many outsourcing stuff.

However when it comes to SEO then be careful while assigning your job even to 100% positive feedback guy. When I tested quality most of the promised claims proved false in terms of quality back links.

So many links I found were from non- reputable forums, non-English sites and even porn sites or with domain PR rather than actual PR. Most of the gigs use same IP which is of no use as Google read IPs and does not credit repeat IPs.

Others provide high obl( out bound links) links which carry less juice any way. Many Gigs use “auto-backlink” soft wares and spread scams with the repeated messages and fake URLS and emails.

I strongly recommend your first tier linking to money blog must be manual, You can use such soft wares in 2nd tier  if you want to. But honestly speaking the best option would be to do it manually to be on safe side.

Here to help out my newbie readers again if you want to index your back links faster than I would recommend you to use Back link energizer.

Now as I always want to update my loyal readers what is working and what’s not so please note that pinging and RSS no longer are so effective in getting the  pages indexed like they used to  as there is so much spam with RSS too,  but still they do submit to aggregators.

Your key step is to get correct information about pages actually been indexed by Google. I can recommend Scrape box to do this bulk job convincingly.

SEOWith this information you can plan ahead to add indexed pages with less back links. One of friend, get 90% of his links indexed by You can get your 1500 pages indexed per month with their cheapest monthly plan of $ 14.95. Again tracking of index can be done using Scrape box.

I did mention in my earlier blog post about pinging. I again remind my readers that pinging the links is not enough now days. However, its becomes a different pair of shoe if  the links are being received from high PR, then you even don’t need indexing as Google will take care  by itself.

Why I am emphasizing over Indexing so much? There is wisdom behind that. Think would you feel more comfortable for acquiring 200 new back links or you prefer to ensure that you index more 200 links as an alternative.

There is another good way of indexing and adding back links same time. How would you see if you start back linking your back link? You get new back links and help indexing old links this way.

One of the marketers I know interlinks forum profiles to help indexing. He simply add links to profile1 in profile 2 and has been successful in getting indexing faster. In order to know where your most of the blog or forum links are you can check ping back notifications on word press dash board.

BACK LINKAnother way you can link back link to back link, by getting the 2nd tier link running such as forum profile and pointing to the main links. It certainly helps indexing of layer 1 link more quickly.

For my readers, I would like to share one test. I had tested RSS separately on my test site and waited long to look for any improvements in rankings but results were surprisingly disappointing. So I don’t focus there anymore. 

Some people are too fussy about maintaining a ratio between do follow and no follow back links. I have tested this on many sites with different ratios. I couldn’t find any disadvantage or negativity in results. Now I no longer focus on it. I simply build naturally.

There is a method I can suggest for real quality back linking. Search for relevant sites and write great article and offer the site owner to publish in his site. If the contents are really of high value he may accept it and you get a link for your site. 

For lazy folks who don’t want to do my above method, there is still a good news. You can link your own articles in your blog with powerful Contextual back links. This is a proven method to improve rankings. As contextual links are the best links you can get.




What Works In Creating Back Links Today-1


I really work hard to save my loyal subscribers from IM Scams. Today I wish to speak about few issues in back linking and indexing which are very confusing for newbies and other marketers who are not good in SEO.

It is a wrong concept to build as many links as possible hoping it helps. This is a blind approach asking trouble as it would only mean spamming Google with too many links.

People can ruin their hard work by this wrongly marketed approach which misleads newbies to a level where they can get their blog de-indexed by Google in the process.

I know many SEO experts do claim that backlinks won’t get your blog de-indexed and that’s true in most of the cases. But I have seen people’s blogs getting de-indexed as a result of spamming.

So here is the real probability. Would you like to take your chances with Google? If not then you better read my blog post till end to understand many issues of back linking directly affecting your site.

If you ever want to check for de-indexing status do a site:http://www... Search and check whether Google has shown a result for your blog, when it does it means your blog have not been de-indexed.

In many cases that might simply be the famous Google dance…

SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATIONHowever, when your blog has been de-indexed you must closely analyse the reason first because in most cases simply backlinks alone may not be the only reason of getting your blog de-indexed.

The year 2013 has seen SEO dynamics very much changed and major Google updates are on their way too.

It’s time not to get carried away with Gurus non sense or with things which used to work in the past and not any more.

After testing many case studies my clear message with full responsibility to you is forget your number of backlinks.

Numbers don’t actually matter now; instead start focussing to get more quality links with a uniform link velocity which is crucial.

Whatever rate of link building you choose to do it must be maintained to make it natural.

So if you build link one month and don’t continue the same pace in next month that will make Google suspicious about your previous back links.

For a newbie who may be wondering here to know about any good tool which would collect all your blog’s backlinks pointing to your site to show you.

Yes, I can strongly recommend SEO spyglass however you won’t get 100% accurate results, as I tested that as a case study.

For those of you, who use AMA, would find hard with sites like AMA which don’t show you where your links have gone.

HIGH PAGE RANKMy advice to you would be to check pingback notifications you receive in the word press blog’s dashboard, to know about those links. The question arise what can you do with those pingback notifications.

My response would be to start working for getting them indexed. 

Wait a minute! I don’t want to confuse my part of readers who are newbie and not clear about the word “Indexing”.

So before I proceed let me clarify “Indexing” now. By indexing I mean when you do search for your exact URL in Google it has a listing for it.

For example the URL which has your link if pasted in the search box must show in Google results as an exact URL which means that URL has been indexed,  or in simple words  Google has found that link.

Again for those of you who are newbies and are finding hard to check indexing with bulk link quantities I would recommend them to use a tool called “Scrape box” which does the index checking on large scale.

As an alternative you can also use the free Index Checker from to check indexing.

Continued to next..(Part 2)


Drive Tons Of Traffic By Forum Marketing

forum marketing

Forum marketing is a great strategy to get targeted traffic to your site. Forum is a site where online discussion takes place between guests and members of the forum.

It is a great site to target as every forum is specific to its niche and people taking part in that forum obviously  are the people who are interested in that niche.

So driving traffic from such targeted site likes forums will attract real targeted audience who are highly likely to convert, once offered solution to their problems.

So how are we going to do forum marketing?

forumThe first thing you need to do is find forums in your own niche.  Look for busy forums with large number of participants.

Then key is to start participating in forum with useful contents. You may start by asking a question or by answering any question in that forum.

You can even comment on other participant’s comments and introduce yourself with good name.

So what is the purpose of this exercise?

The amazing thing you do with forum is that whenever you post any comment you also link back to your own site below that comment.

That link below the comment is called signature. And for every one comment you make you create one link below that comment as your signature.

Your actual aim is to persuade people to click that link so that they can be directed to your site.

So for this reason, you must try to make your signature interesting, and it must create curiosity to people to dig further behind your signature.

A good technique is to setup your signature with the same words you actually promoting in actual.

For example if your aim is to drive traffic to your site where you are offering a giveaway, then your signature may contain words describing that giveaway.

Now you know what forum marketing is. If you haven’t done forum marketing before, then I would suggest you to try today, it’s very interesting and enjoyable for most of the marketers.

forumsBefore you select one forum for your further activity, one piece of advice is worth to mention. Always remain positive during discussion.

There may be instances when you would not agree with others. But never leave any negative or hostile comments even you don’t agree what other is saying.

Always keep in mind you are marketer so there is no point to be personal if it is hard person to reply.

Another thing to remember is that you must be a problem solver in your niche and being positive and helpful make you attractive in others eyes.

A very important tip to use in forum marketing is the use of PM effectively. What does PM stands for? PM means private messaging.

So if you use PM actively with forum participants you will get a very positive response for your desired action from that participant.

Many a times you develop your relationship in a manner that it goes to next level to explore new avenues like  JV , or auto responder swaps or any mutual project.

So forum marketing not only gives you targeted traffic, backlinks for SEO, but many times it can also give you really good friends in your niche to work with in future projects.

 It is easy to find a forum in any niche. Go into Google search and type; your niche + forum.

forum marketing at www.syedmarketingblog.comYou will get lots of forums in SERP’s. Before, you select one forum to participate there are two terms I need to speak about. They are threads and posts. Both terms are frequently used inside forums.

So what is thread? It is simply the topic initiated by someone. Now all the replies on this topic will be called posts.

When you create any thread or even reply by post you create link below your comment and that signature or link will be visible for every participant of the forum.

Now to start in a forum you need to sign up and first locate your control panel where you will fill up your profile, even upload your own photo and create your clickable signature.

I would suggest you to say hello in a section where new participant generally introduce to rest of the people.

Then look for a new post or a new thread option whatever you may chose and write your comments to get involved with rest of the community.

Sometimes to make your comments nice and friendly you may use smiley face, or change the font colours or make few texts italics or bold to appear more nicely.

Remember again, the purpose of entire exercise is to get the people click on your signatures. That’s the way you drive traffic to your site.

And for the people to do this make sure your signature is stand out and must speak of your giveaway or site right in the forum. Something interesting giving  people a reason to click to.







How to Build a Responsive Email List, in Email marketing,Part 2

email marketing

In my last blog I discussed most crucial elements for turning a dormant email list into a real responsive list. Today I shall continue to mention further tips to improve the response of your subscribers..

Cultivate Personal Relationship in Email marketing

email listBear in mind you buy only from people you know, and have full trust over them, so is the case with your subscribers.

That implies cultivating   personal relations with your subscribers provide you real opportunity to explode your profits from your own subscribers.

Cultivating a deep relationship never means that you share your personal or confidential things with them.

Instead, when you are ready to share your experience as regards to similar problems your prospects are interested in, that give you an opportunity to provide them valuable tips which in turn help them in solving their problems.

I have found, sending videos to your email list is  very useful always in email marketing.

Ad swap

Like you might want to share how you pick up your keywords while setting up a new project.

It would be extremely useful if your video provide visual instructions step by step, engaging your subscribers in value content.

One advice is to be present in side video by yourself, instead of  a mere power point slide presentation. 

The key, however, is to show yourself in the video. Don’t just use stock footage or a Power Point slide presentation.

It’s extremely important your subscribers can see your face and hear your voice while developing a warm relationship with them.

Stick to your patents fields in email always..

responsive listIts human nature that most of us scan our emails and recognise from a name or an email field. I strongly warn you not to change your email fields you have been using for months with your subscribers.

Changing any regular email field shall definitely affect your response rate. The chances are few of your subscribers might mislead and click on spam button by mistake for you, not being recognised in first place.


The lesson we get for Email marketing, now  is that starting your newsletter require forward thinking and a careful layout and fields selection right from the beginning. 

That does not mean that you cannot make changes at later stages. Yes you can. All you need is to slow down the transition process as much as possible to make it unnoticed.

For example, you want to change current field from “XYZ Company” to “Mark Taylor.” What you can do is, start signing your newsletter, “Mark Taylor, XYZ Company”.

After few weeks, you can announce your intended change to your subscriber, before you do it.

When you change that, mention at top of newsletter as well, and keep repeating the same way for several subsequent issues.

Stay tuned, in next blog soon, I shall teach you  few more important   tips to boost your list response.

 buy solo



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